Summer Positions

Below are a number of summer student research projects offered by CGEN-affiliated faculty. These projects offer students a unique opportunity for hands-on experience in the area of global engineering research. Research runs from May to the end of August. All applicants are encouraged to apply for NSERC USRA Funding. Funding criteria and amounts will vary depending on the specific project and faculty/department.

Summer Internship Opportunity: Food Engineering Laboratory

Eligibility: 2nd and 3rd year chemical engineering undergraduate students

Interested in research that impacts thousands of lives in developing countries? The Food Engineering lab at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry has a summer internship opportunity available for 4 months (May- August 2019). Interns will work closely with the food fortification team using salt and tea as a vehicle for delivering micronutrients to low- and middle-income countries in Southern Asia and Africa.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that micronutrient deficiencies affect about 2 billion people globally; however, developing countries are the most affected. These countries have overwhelming numbers of individuals suffering from one or more forms of micronutrient deficiencies. Iron, folic acid and zinc deficiencies are some of the more prevalent ones within the target population.

Interns will gain analytical and technical skills that are commonly employed in the food and beverage industry. They could also learn other skills that have been developed over the years by our research team which ensure that the organoleptic properties of the food vehicle are kept intact after fortification.

Interested applicants should contact Juveria Siddiqui with a CV and cover letter at