Constantin Christopoulos

Constantin ChristopoulosConstantin Christopoulos’ research is primarily focused on the development of advanced high-performance structural systems that enhance the dynamic response and seismic resilience of built infrastructure. This research involves advanced large-scale testing of new structural systems in the Structures Laboratories, simulations using advanced finite element models and the development of new design methods for the implementation of advanced resilient seismic resistant systems. Professor Christopoulos acts as a consultant on projects involving the implementation of advanced damping and isolation technologies in structures. He is also actively involved in the development and transfer into the market of new technologies developed through research carried out at the University of Toronto. He is a co-founder of U of T spinoff companies Cast Connex which specializes in cast steel connections and casting design and Kinetica Dynamics which markets the viscoelastic coupling damper for high-rise buildings.


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